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An account Stardust uses to talk to himself. Smol ting. The chronicler of crypto twitter. 67. WasserPest. Stardust sock puppet account. An intellectual giant. 68. CryptoChimp. The best original crypto memes on Twitter. 69. AztecBTC. Commentary, memes, and TA. 70. blknoiz06. Author of one of the most comprehensive beginner guides to Bitcoin you can find. 71. JoeCo In 2017, the crypto community donated 100 Bitcoins to him in gratitude for his work. When you subscribe to his Twitter, do not forget about his YouTube channel and the podcast Let's Talk Bitcoin, in which he is a frequent co-host. Content there can also be quite engaging. A Few Honorable Mentions. These were the best crypto Twitter accounts to follow. But there are many more traders and investors with popular profiles on this social network. Here are the main ones of them

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100 Crypto Twitter Accounts to Follow - 2021's Best Lis

  1. We tried to highlight crypto experts (analysts and researchers) who can provide value for new audiences and those with skin in the game (investors) besides showing the engaging content you can find on Crypto Twitter. Check out our top crypto influencers list and start following today! Willy Woo - @woonomic (239K+ followers) Willy woo is a notable analyst and investor. You may want to follow him on Twitter due to its data-based insights on the Bitcoin's price behaviour and forecast
  2. The massive influx of thought leadership, news, memes and more that Crypto Twitter has provided the industry is invaluable, but figuring out what accounts to follow can be intimidating. That's why our staff put together the top 10 Crypto Twitter accounts you must be following. Happy tweeting! Documenting Bitcoin (@DocumentingBTC
  3. ute on crypto Twitter you've come across Pomp's account. As one of the... Erik Voorhees. As someone who has been a crypto-preneur probably since before you ever heard of Bitcoin, Vorhees is.
  4. 1. Jack Dorsey, 4.4 Million Followers. Our first hero doesn't focus on cryptocurrency only. However, being the founder and CEO of Twitter and Square, Jack Dorsey is also a known crypto bull. He.
  5. Top 5 Crypto Traders to follow on twitter. Twitter is a good place to seek free crypto trading advice but you need to be very selective, the more accounts you follow - the more confused you will become with your trading decisions. It's better to follow selected people on Twitter, and take a second opinion from their Twitter feeds. We have shortlisted these top 5 Crypto traders on Twitter.
  6. Twitter is one of the coolest tools to follow crypto world news. Influential leaders, top coins and exchanges — all have a Twitter account. United Traders compiled a list of top 50 accounts worth..

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Venture Coinist is the Twitter account of Luke Martin, a blockchain startup advisor, and investor. Martin covers news and provides level-headed advice for traders and cryptocurrency enthusiasts. So, if you're struggling in the fight against FOMO on ICOs or need encouragement to hold on when the charts are dipping, Venture Coinist can give you the inspiration you need to stay on track Crypto Rand is possibly the best crypto trading account on Twitter. With 220,000 followers, it is the largest account on our list. With 220,000 followers, it is the largest account on our list. Aside from technical market analysis, Crypto Rand also does a great job of explaining the connection between the crypto markets and real-world economies With most of the top lists for Crypto Twitter (CT) mentioning figureheads like CZ, Pomp and Vitalik we wanted to shine a spotlight on the people sharing emerging DeFi trends each and every week. Please note that there are many other accounts that deserve a spotlight, and that we will likely do a follow up to this list in the latter half of the year IrishGirlCrypto follows a little over 1,500 twitter accounts and she's followed by prominent accounts such as CZ (yes, the CEO of Binance), Binance.us, Shapeshift, Crypto.com, Trust Wallet, Binance, Huobi and a host of others. 2

Twitter is one of the coolest tools to follow the news in the crypto world. Authoritative personalities, top coins and exchanges - everyone has twitter. We have compiled a selection of 35 accounts that you should subscribe to stay informed Another informative source to follow on Twitter is Benzinga's dedicated crypto account. Beeple: More than 300,000 people follow artist Beeple. The artist has been one of the most newsworthy names.. CoinGecko (48.25k followers) While our website serves to analyze the crypto market in-depth, our Twitter account gives you bite-sized info on what's happening. Everyday, we tweet out the crypto word of the day so you can always upgrade your crypto knowledge. We're not spammy so we only retweet crucial and current DeFi info that you need to know

Another popular Twitter account to follow is WhalePanda. WhalePanda describes themselves as an angel investor, and crypto OG. It is fair to say WhalePanda has been around long enough to be considered an original gangster in the crypto space Tim Draper - The best Twitter oracle By the way, according to one Twitter poll, Tim Draper is the wisest crypto oracle. If you need a detailed insight into the future and prospects of cryptocurrency, @TimDraper is one of the best crypto Twitter accounts It's #FollowFriday and Benzinga is taking a look at Twitter (NASDAQ: TWTR) accounts to follow that provide insight into Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Here is a look at accounts that investors.. We are still completing this list, so be sure to Follow Our Blog & check back for updates, we work fast! We are releasing the list before completion to give our readers some quality accounts to follow in the meantime. We hope this helps you gain knowledge and insight into the cryptocurrency markets! We know there ar In this list, we give you our top picks for the most amusing, interesting and downright genius Twitter crypto-figures to follow. Zeus Zissou ( @ZeusZissou ) While the Life Cryptographic might have an entirely arbitrary reference to one of Wes Anderson's more popular films, his opinion on cryptocurrency is far from random

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6) The Crypto Dog. Lastly, we have another Twitter entity with a massive following, who calls himself The Crypto Dog (@TheCryptoDog). The Crypto Dog claims that he has been mining crypto for ages, starting nearly a decade ago, in 2011. He is also a blockchain and DeFi investor, as well as a market commentator whose word is heard far and wide Ivan On Tech - 214.000 Twitter Subscribers Ivan on Tech's crypto Twitter account is something you want to follow if you are looking for crypto education and crypto news. Ivan on Tech is run by the Swedish crypto enthusiast Ivan Liljeqvist. Follow Ivan on Tech on Twitter if you want news about blockchain projects and new hot altcoins

Top 100 Blockchain and Crypto Influencers on Twitter to Follow October 4, 2018 Industry Twitter is a great source of information, especially if you deal with cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies — it helps to stay up to date and have your finger on the pulse of the market not only by reading the news but also by watching the influencers For those actively involved in the wider DeFi landscape, it's common knowledge that almost all community discourse happens on Twitter.With most of the top lists for Crypto Twitter (CT) mentioning figureheads like CZ, Pomp and Vitalik we wanted to shine a spotlight on the people sharing emerging DeFi trends each and every week.Please note that.. Cryptocurrency Twitter Account to Follow No. 5: Dave Zeiler Our in-house cryptocurrency expert, Zeiler first mined Bitcoin in 2011, when it was still feasible for an amateur to do so The Top 20 Cryptocurrency Twitter Accounts: Best Blockchain Profiles to Follow How to go along with the crypto tides? Check out the 20 best cryptocurrency Twitter accounts, including U.Today Crypto enthusiasts, ICOs, companies, investors seems like everyone related to blockchain has a Twitter account. Its not a surpr

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Interested in crypto social media? Check out the top cryptocurrency accounts to follow on Twitter, YouTube, & TikTok. Interested in hiring crypto influencers like the ones in this list? Reach out to Coinbound, the leading cryptocurrency marketing agency. Coinbound has helped top crypto brands like eToro, ShapeShift, OKEx, and more with crypto influencer marketing Welcome to the Invezz Top 50 Crypto Twitter Traders of 2021 - chosen for you, by us. With crypto markets on the rise and a wild altseason in full swing, we thought it was about time we compile a.

Here Are 40 Crypto Twitter Accounts That Really Matter. Multiple hours every day is not an exaggeration. It happens. Let me explain by ConsenSys January 31, 2019. My Happy Place. Twitter is many things. It is a special place to vent and share ideas in the form of memes and tweetstorms, diatribes and inquisitions. It contains a section to catch up on sports, worldwide events, breaking news. The 100 Best Crypto Twitter Accounts to Follow: OGs, Traders, Devs, Content Creators & Mor Twitter accounts between 300,000 to 400,000 belong to crypto influencers such as Shapeshift founder Erik Voorhees (362.9K followers), popular bitcoin chart analyst Peter Brandt (327.6K), Coinbase. We will need the following to initiate a return by wire transfer of the funds currently deposited on your account. Please provide: Your Bank Name. An active Bank Account Number with that bank. The account holder name needs to match the name of the BAM account holder. The information you provided us does not have a name that matches your Binance US account

The co-founder and CEO of Twitter also happens to know a thing or two about cryptocurrencies and payment protocols. Dorsey also founded Square- one of the biggest payment portals on the market to date. The young tech entrepreneur is more than just a Twitter-guru, but has also been involved in a number of political and philanthropic endeavors. While the man does indeed advocate cryptocurrencies, his personal feed is an amalgamation of a number of different important topics for any crypto. 3. Virtualbacon. Another crypto TikTokker with a large following (165k and climbing) who posts regularly and covers a whole load of coins, projects and other crypto topics. While many crypto TikTokkers and Instagrammers often focus almost solely on bitcoin, virtualbacon casts his net a whole lot wider

10 Crypto Twitter Accounts Everyone Should Follow In 2021

It's worth pointing out that, while these are all great accounts to follow, you should make sure to get your crypto news from a variety of other sources too. Insta is great for a short, sharp hit of crypto, but if you want to dive deeper into this ever-expanding field then be sure to use other resources like CoinDesk and, of course, YouTube Great list! Some I already follow but I ll check this out :) Posted Using LeoFinance Beta by katerinaram

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You have to be very careful when it comes to official crypto Twitter accounts. Unfortunately, there are many fake ones out there posing as the real deal. It can be hard to spot the real from the not-so-real, so we've listed the official big ones out there for you to reference. Play it safe out there people.. Crypto Accounts Mistakenly Considered as Scams According to a tweet by popular YouTuber Tone Vays on Wednesday (Mar. 10, 2021), accounts belonging to a bunch of well-known crypto influencers like bitcoin analyst Willy Woo and Plan B, creator of the Bitcoin sock-to-flow model, got suspended by Twitter Selling 1k-10k Followers 2009 Verified Badge 1-24 Hours VERIFIED TWITTER ACCOUNT WITH 20k FOLLOWERS BLUE TICK // INSTANT DELIVERY/

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A number of high-profile Twitter accounts were simultaneously hacked on Wednesday by attackers who used the accounts — some with millions of followers — to spread a cryptocurrency scam. Apple, Elon.. The scam accounts also told the BHS fans to follow other crypto-related accounts to get the crypto giveaway, usually up to $250 and above. The trend started a solid campaign, where it tricked Twitter bots into thinking the account gives BHS-related content, thereby affecting the algorithm. The US Accuses Binance Of Regulation Violatio The latest Tweets from Crypto Ramo (@crypto_ramo). Civil Engineer @robintradee Teknik Analiz.. @coinnethaber de yorumc

Top 5 Crypto traders to follow on Twitter in 2021

For those interested in signals, Cryptocompass is the account to follow. Crypto trends happen rapidly and suddenly, what with its highly volatile market. With almost 2.700 followers, Cryptocompass does provide a telegram channel and education/analysis tips for its readers. This profile focuses on top cryptos and usually on technical aspect only Verified Twitter accounts have been hacked by crypto scammers, again By Anthony Spadafora 15 January 2021 Latest Elon Musk-themed cryptocurrency scam has already raked in $587,00 Follow these three crypto accounting best practices to stay ahead of the curve: Keep tabs on compliance, taxation and regulation. You can't follow the rules if you don't know what the rules are The accounts are popular within the crypto community, garnering millions of followers for their bitcoin (BTC, +0.32%) and other crypto-related trading ideas. Twitter suspends accounts which.. benzinga.com - It's #FollowFriday and Benzinga is taking a look at Twitter (NASDAQ: TWTR) accounts to follow that provide insight into Bitcoin and other

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Top 50 Blockchain and Crypto Twitter Accounts to Follow

Twitter Inc (NYSE: TWTR) has been exposed to suspending the accounts of some selected prominent crypto influencers in the early hours of Wednesday. According to the report, this was done with no. As in any Twitter botnet, accounts began to follow each other, retweeting the same content to generate engagement and blocking those who left any kind of negative feedback. So strong was the campaign, that in some cases, the scammers managed to trick the Twitter algorithm into believing that the ARMY members were actually part of the crypto community A site as hugely influential as Twitter should ideally take a balanced and responsible approach when suggesting blue check accounts and other popular influencers to follow in the crypto space

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The 30 essential Crypto Twitter accounts to follow. Now let's get down to it: 2017 was the year of the cryptocurrency. You know the story: Bitcoin BTCUSD, -2.56% exploded onto the scene this. Follow the official @cryptocom account on Twitter. Give a like to Crypto.com's original Twitter Sweepstakes post. Retweet Crypto.com's original Twitter Sweepstakes post using the hashtag #200KCRO. Participants won't be able to win more than 1 prize in this Sweepstakes or any other sponsored by crypto.com within 30 calendar days Twitter quickly moved to block crypto accounts on the grounds that they had been using inauthentic means to inflate their followers and amplify content. Smells Like A Scam Twitterati among the ARMY stumbled upon the scam when some younger members said they had been receiving calls from various countries after clicking on certain giveaway links

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Twitter, a popular platform among crypto influencers and analysts, has suspended at least seven accounts related to cryptocurrencies with hundreds of thousands of followers each.. Though the real number of suspended accounts is not known, the social media platform has suspended top accounts, including @woonomic, @100trillionUSD, @mmcrypto, @wsbchairman, @themooncarl, @TheCryptoDog and @KoroushAK A crypto giveaway scam is typically started by a scammer who either compromises (hacks) an existing social media account or impersonates someone's social media account. Most times, the scammer announces some variation of a send one, get two back or bonus scheme, where followers are enticed to send their crypto to a wallet with the promise of getting more back. However, those who send. Last night, the Twitter accounts of major celebrities, influential figures, and politicians were hacked to promote a Bitcoin scam. Due to how many followers these high-profile accounts have, news and rumors spread like wildfire. But what exactly went down that led to accounts like Joe Biden, Kanye West, Bill Gates, Apple, Bitcoin, and several others to be hacked

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